Balls Tip 002: Why Lemon Drops

Lemon Drops are used to help cancer patients who are going through chemotherapy. The acidity of the lemon drop can soothe the patient’s stomach when nauseous.

The synergy of the round Lemon Drop and the type of cancer (TC) motivated us to use lemon drops as our signature item. Hence the LemonDrop Long Drive was created.

The first LemonDrop logo in 2021.
The 2022, revamped LemonDrop logo.

For the Readers

Logo designed by: Christian Ondr

2022 Refresh by: Propel Marketing Group (

Logo Artwork

The graphic and logo are depicted to convey a golf ball wrapped in a candy wrapper as a lemon drop. The custom dripping letters are to represent the sickness experienced by patients during their treatments. We chose to display this message subtly with a deeper meaning. The color yellow signifies lemon drops. The orchid (light purple) color represents the cancer ribbon of testicular cancer.

Fun fact: The Winner of the LemonDrop Long Drive main event gets to smash a large Lemon Drop with a Driver off the tee.