Balls Tip 001: Why Purple?

The light purple represents the Testicular Cancer ribbon. Save the balls by grabbing a comfy tee here.

Purple is commonly used to represent testicular cancer awareness because it is the official color designated by the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation and other organizations dedicated to raising awareness about this disease.

The choice of purple as the color for testicular cancer awareness is not entirely clear, but it may have been influenced by the fact that it is a unique color that stands out and is not commonly used for other types of cancer. Additionally, purple is associated with royalty, power, and strength, which may be seen as fitting symbols for men fighting testicular cancer.

Using a particular color to represent a cause or disease is often intended to help raise awareness and promote action. By associating a particular color with a cause, it can help increase visibility and recognition of the issue, and encourage people to get involved in supporting research, fundraising, and awareness efforts.