Vince Galati

DO, FACS at Cape Girardeau Urology Associates

Meet Vince Galati

A lot of people know Vince as Dr. Galati, an incredibly talented urologist from right here in Cape Girardeau. Our founder, Nate Guatier calls him “one of the trifecta.” Dr. Galati is one of three doctors to help save Nate’s life back in 2018/2019, and this year, he’s hitting long to help fight TC in a different way.

Testicular cancer directly affects Dr. Galati’s patients, and that’s why the LemonDrop Long Drive is so important to him. “Increasing awareness can help catch the disease at the earliest stage and save lives,” says Vince.

And that’s what we’re all about here at the Walks Foundation: increasing awareness and saving lives.

When Vince isn’t taking care of patients, he loves to hang out with his family, cook, and play tennis and pickleball. He lived in Sicily during his early childhood. Fun fact! His name is Enzo, but he started going by Vince when he resumed school here in the states. 

He grew up in the restaurant business, as his parents used to own Galati‘s Italian Ristorante in Perryville. No wonder he loves to cook! He learned from the best in the biz, y’all!

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