Trey Curtis

Owner / CEO at Concept AgriTek

Meet Trey Curtis

Trey enjoys many things in life. Near the top? His family. The way he speaks about his wife will warm any heart. You can catch him outdoors during duck season if you can spot him and his son repping some mean camo. Pew pew.

If not there, he and his daughter, Morg (who he calls his “personal assistant”) might be kicking it on the beach. All jokes aside, this 51-year-old cool dude is proud to be, quite possibly, the most seasoned cat at LemonDrop.

Maybe he’s new to raising awareness for boys, men, and families in the fight against TC, but he’s not new at all when it comes to giving back. This fam loves contributing to St. Jude and those who experience Alzheimer’s. They are our people.