Michele Litzelfelner

Meet Michele Litzelfelner

Retired and loving it. But that hardly does justice to the positive impact she’s had throughout her career and community service that got her to the point where she can do what she wants, when she wants.

The other long drivers better watch out when Michele gets competitive. No stranger to golf and in her own words “we are a competitive family so there is a lot of smack talking and laughing going on!”. When the competition has been settled, Michele loves almost any activity outside, reading books, listening to podcasts, daily walks, and the highlight of her year is always the family vacation with kids and grandkids.

Cancer has unfortunately been a reality for Michele and her family. Her husband has been on a 16-year cancer journey and they lost a 6-year old niece to a brain tumor. As Michele puts it herself, “so many people are affected. How can it not be important to do something to help fight this relentless disease? It doesn’t matter what type of cancer it is…early detection and awareness are so important!”. Words can’t do justice to how grateful and blessed we are to have Michele on as a long driver this year.

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