Julie Yankus

Meet Julie Yankus

We know the competition will be tough this year when Julie picks up the club and starts hitting golf balls. She claims to have been up to a lot of shenanigans during her college days, but you don’t become the Head Volleyball Coach at SEMO without a serious dose of hard work, commitment, passion, and talent. When the competition starts it’s all focus and confidence in her ability to win.

She’s no stranger to cancer awareness and support efforts with her dedication to supporting Breast Cancer, so we count ourselves blessed to have her join forces with the LemonDrop event to support TC.

When she’s not coaching and mentoring college athletes, you might find her golfing, going on long walks with her dog while listening to True Crime podcasts, traveling with friends, or attending sporting events.

In her own words, “I have many important men in my life who I want to stay healthy and get regular screenings”. We couldn’t agree more and can’t wait to how far the golf balls fly when Julie steps up to tee off.

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