Jason Watson

Meet Jason Watson

Warrior, fighter, champion, professional bareback bronc rider, father, husband, and stage 4 cancer patient are for better or worse words that can describe the one and only Jason Watson. Underneath the tough exterior of this weightlifting strong man we know there’s a heart with boundless love and kindness.

Jason loves spending time with family, working with horses, and hitting the fitness center for some muscle building sessions (when his kids say “my dad is stronger than your dad”, they’re not lying). And he really was a professional bareback bronc rider in his rodeo days.

We love the support Jason is showing for the LDLD and in his own words “Being a Stage 4 cancer patient, we need to raise money for awareness, making cancer patients comfortable with the goody bags, and just raising money for patients to fight so they can ring the bell for the ones that didn’t get to.”

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