Brandon Cooper

Owner at Cooper Law Firm, LLC

Meet Brandon Cooper

This is Brandon’s first year teeing up at LemonDrop, but he’s no stranger to fighting for a cause. By day, Brandon is a personal injury attorney, and he loves fighting to help people get the compensation they deserve from giant insurance companies. We’re glad he’s on our side. 

Brandon says, “Any time I can incorporate golf and raising money for great causes, I’m all in. Reproductive health is a subject that doesn’t get discussed enough so, it’s important to put all males on notice of this issue to ensure regular screenings to catch any irregularities. And the Lemondrop puts a fun spin on a somewhat uncomfortable topic. It’ll be fun to say I got to be a part of this at the ground level when the event eventually spreads nationwide.”

Brandon and his wife have a dog named Mac. “He is awesome, except when we forget to close our pantry door,” Brandon shared with us. He loves spending time with his wife and her family. In fact, some of his favorite memories have occurred on family vacations. 

If you ask him, he’ll tell you that he likes to work hard and play hard. He spends a lot of time at his desk, but he enjoys being social when he’s not on the clock.

Brandon played in the 2018 Missouri State Amateur golf championship where he finished second to last, “which was an honor,” he says with a laugh. He also went to three different undergrad universities and still graduated in four years. Impressive!

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