Brad Korn

Meet Brad Korn

At 6’8” he can’t hide in a crowd, but when you’re the Men’s Basketball Head Coach for SEMO that’s not a bad thing. We know he can dunk a basketball, but for LDLD we’re stoked to see how he handles the golf club. Fortunately, Brad is no stranger to golf. When he wraps up the basketball lessons, his time is spent with his wife and two daughters, by the pool, walking the dogs, or on the golf course.

Brad shared that he’s excited to join as a long driver for LDLD this year because of the importance of “raising awareness for serious issues and giving men confidence that it’s ok to show vulnerability. And, to help support men/women share stories and experiences to help others.” Well said, Brad, and we wholeheartedly agree!

He may have stuck to being a coach for his career so far, but after LDLD we wouldn’t be surprised to see him launch his long driver career.

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